Art Events at the Joshua Tree Library

The Artist Talk is a four-times-a-year activity sponsored by the Morongo Basin Cultural Arts Council ( and Joshua Tree Friends of the Library.

Doug Blanc will be presenting an Artist Talk at the Joshua Tree Branch Library on Saturday, August 11, 3-4pm. The Artist Talk is free to the public, and light refreshments will be served. Doug's unusual art will be exhibited in the library July 9th through October 10th.

In this series, "Topophobia," Doug uses found materials such as used plywood, old maps, sand, and tar, combined with abstract painting, to convey narratives of his desert orienteering -- the discovery, collection, and classification of artifacts he finds in the desert landscape. It is an exploration of how we as humans experience the desert wilderness through those objects that have been left behind, and a way to tell stories about the layers of meaning -- both visible and invisible -- in any location. The way the landscape can lead you astray or lead you home.

Because no one can remove bones from the National Park, Doug instead photographs them, maps where they were found, and paints them, placing them in relation to the material and symbolic landscape of Joshua Tree and the Mojave desert.